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MVBrewers: Vote for #10

Matt Garza was voted in at #9. One spot remains in the top 10, who will take it?

Matt Garza took the #9 spot in MVBrewers, making him the sixth pitcher in the top ten. Here is what we have so far:

#1: Jonathan Lucroy
#2: Carlos Gomez
#3: Wily Peralta
#4: Kyle Lohse
#5: Yovani Gallardo
#6: Mike Fiers
#7: Francisco Rodriguez
#8: Aramis Ramirez
#9: Matt Garza

The last spot in the top ten is now up for grabs. The last candidate to join the list is Gerardo Parra. Who will you vote to finish up the top ten? Voting is open now and closes at noon tomorrow.