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Brewers officially hire Ray Mongomery to replace Bruce Seid

The search for the late Bruce Seid's replacement may now be over.

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Update: The Brewers officially announced the hiring of Montgomery on Monday as he will indeed be the replacement for Seid.

Former Brewers Scouting Director Bruce Seid tragically and suddenly passed away in September. Not much news if any at all has surfaced about the Brewers search for a replacement until today. Nick Piecoro reported this evening that the Brewers had hired the Diamondbacks' Scouting Director Ray Montgomery. At first his position with the Brewers was unclear. Then Piecoro tweeted that he will be the Vice President of Scouting and Special Assistant to the GM.

Okay, so it's still a little unclear at the moment if this means Montgomery is indeed the new Scouting Director. I assume so, but it's the title of "Vice President of Scouting" that's throwing me off a little. Either way this is a good get for the Brewers as Ray Montgomery is highly respected.

According to the Piecoro article, while with Arizona Montgomery oversaw the drafts that netted the Diamondbacks Jake Lamb, Braden Shipley, Archie Bradley, and Trevor Bauer to name a few.

This will be the second time Montgomery has worked for Milwaukee. He began his scouting career with the Brewers organization as an area scout for 4 years. He was responsible for finding and subsequently drafting Rickie Weeks. And for that my friends, I will be eternally grateful. He graduated to Midwest Supervisor before rounding out his time with the Brewers as the Assistant Scouting Director and National Supervisor.

He's had a pretty distinguished career thus far and has even been interviewed for General Manager positions with the Padres and Diamondbacks. We await further clarification of what precisely his role with the Brewers will be.

I for one am very please and excited. He seems a tremendous and capable replacement for the late Bruce Seid.