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What we learned: October 6, 2014

Today's lessons include notes on the Arizona Fall League, revisiting starting rotation expectations, and more.

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David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Minor league work continues as the offseason begins.

While the offseason is in full swing for the Brewers, not everyone gets to rest just yet. Tomorrow is the start of the Arizona Fall League, where chosen prospects head to work on their skills during the offseason. The Brewers are sending eight players this year, and the league will feature some experimental new rules this year. Derek broke down all of this on Friday as the season is preparing to start. Meanwhile, in the ongoing instructional league season, Clint Coulter is getting more work as he looks at a potential position switch. Right field is getting the most discussion right now, but the move is only in the preliminary stages. We'll have to wait and see exactly where he ends up starting next season.

Yovani Gallardo, Matt Garza, and Kyle Lohse ended up being better than expected.

Prior to the season, Jordan went through some projections for players at each position for the Brewers. Now that the season is done, he is revisiting those projections to see exactly what the players ended up doing. He started with the top of the starting rotation, where all of the players ended up playing better than expected. It was a nice surprise for the season, where starting pitching was going to be important for the success of the Brewers. The question now is how well that pitching will hold up entering next season.

Cram Session

NL Central Update

Postseason Update

Yesterday's Games

  • AL Division Series Game 3
    Orioles 2, Tigers 1
    Orioles Win Series 3-0
  • AL Division Series Game 3
    Royals 8, Angels 3
    Royals Win Series 3-0

Today's Games

  • NL Division Series Game 3 - 4:00 pm, MLB Network
    Nationals (Doug Fister) @ Giants (Madison Bumgarner)
    Giants Lead Series 2-0
  • NL Division Series Game 3 - 8:00 pm, Fox Sports 1
    Dodgers (Hyun-Jin Ryu) @ Cardinals (John Lackey)
    Series Tied 1-1

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