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Who among the Brewers would you like to see do a reddit AMA?

The Brewers director of new media, Caitlin Moyer, asks on Twitter who you would like to see answer questions on the popular social media site.

Mike McGinnis

Could a Brewers reddit AMA be in the works? Caitlin Moyer, who is the Brewers' director of new media, asked earlier this morning who among the team fans would most like to see answer questions on the popular link aggregation and social media site:

Reddit AMA's (which stands for Ask Me Anything) have become popular on the internet for celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other notable people to communicate with fans in direct interviews. President Obama even got in on the action a couple of years ago. During these informal interviews, reddit users post questions in the comments and the person hosting the AMA answers them as he/she sees fit. Not all questions are answered and, depending on the person, they can either be illuminating and fun or completely dull.

Plenty of athletes have done AMA's in the past but, to my knowledge, no Brewers player ever has. So, who would you like to see from the team answer an AMA?

On the players side, I think that Carlos Gomez would be the most fun. Ryan Braun could be interesting if he chooses to answer a lot of questions, but man could that chat get old quick if you're a Brewers fan. Other guys, like Jonathan Lucroy, may not give the most interesting answers. I think Gomez (and his googling of what rich people talk about) would be absolutely delightful. Someone like Kyle Lohse, who seems like a fun guy and who has been around the league for a while, could be good, too.

Other interesting names could be Mark Attanasio or Doug Melvin for the perspective from their side of the game. Hearing more about the day-to-day of an owner or general manager could be great.

Less well-known players like Tim Dillard or Matt Clark could also be fascinating with the perspective they could give on journeying through the minor leagues and, in Clark's case, Japan.

Who would you want to see host a reddit AMA from the Brewers?