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What we learned: October 8, 2014

Today's lessons include contract options, roster moves, and qualifying offers.

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The Brewers have three options to decide on this offseason

While some players are already set for free agency, there are a few that hold options for next year that will have to be decided on. Each of these options is for substantial money, so a good decision is important to building a winning team next year. Yesterday, Derek went through these three options and what the expected course of action is for each one. Expectations are that Rickie Weeks' option will be declined, and Yovani Gallardo's option will be picked up. The harder one to figure out right now is Aramis Ramirez, who has both a club and player option, so both sides would have to agree. Will Ramirez return next season, or will he look for another job somewhere else? We should know in a few weeks.

Cram Session

NL Central Update

Postseason Update

Yesterday's Games

  • NL Division Series Game 4
    Cardinals 3, Dodgers 2
    Cardinals Win Series 3-1
  • NL Division Series Game 4
    Giants 3, Nationals 2
    Giants Win Series 3-1

Today's Games

No games today, play resumes on October 10.

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