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What we learned: November 5, 2014

Today's lessons include MLB award season, another MVBrewer honorable mention, and more.

Jeffrey Phelps

The Brewers will have a quiet awards season.

Yesterday, MLB released the top 3 candidates for MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, and Manager of the Year in a special on MLB Network. After going through all of the candidates, the Brewers were shut out of the awards in all four categories.  Three of those (the Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year) are not surprising since the Brewers didn't have a strong candidate for any of them.  The MVP vote is a little more surprising, though. It's hard to argue against the three candidates that are up there (Kershaw, McCutchen, Stanton), but it would have been nice to see Jonathan Lucroy finish in the top 3 after his great season.

We also saw the announcement of the Gold Glove winners yesterday. In right field, Gerardo Parra lost to Jason Heyward, which was expected. Parra just didn't have the same amount of time played to really justify a selection. The bigger upset was Yadier Molina beating Jonathan Lucroy for the Gold Glove at catcher. If you go by the numbers, this pick is more about reputation than actual stats, as Jonathan Lucroy had the better season there (and played more games as well).

There is still one more award that we could see some Brewers take home. The Silver Slugger winners will be announced tomorrow evening, and Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Gomez are candidates for that award. Both have some stiff competition at their positions, so we will see if one of them can win the award.

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