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Let's hear your best Brewers commercial idea

I've got a couple of ideas for the Brewers' 2014 TV commercials.

Scott Cunningham

In this morning's Mug I mentioned that the Brewers recently unveiled a contest where fans can submit their ideas for the team's 2014 TV commercials. Visit to download a blank storyboard template and submit your idea.

Before you do that you should know, though, that I'm already working on the winner. Picture this, for a moment:

  • At Miller Park, we see a batter swing and hear the crack of the bat. The camera cuts to Carlos Gomez, who takes a few steps to his right and catches the fly ball standing up. Then we see him look into the crowd, where...
  • A young fan, cheering for the play, drops his hot dog. We see it falling in slow motion for a second before Gomez, still in uniform, catches it and hands it back to him. The kid smiles, but Gomez sees something else...
  • Out in the parking lot, a fan is walking away from their grill with a tray of cooked meats. He trips and loses control of the tray. We see two fans' reaction and hear a "noooooo" in slow motion, followed by the Chorizo covering his eyes. But Gomez rushes in and catches the tray, saving the tailgate. We see him take a burger off the tray and hear him ask "got any ketchup?"
  • Next, we see Gomez back in the dugout, where he sneezes. Teammates scatter. We hear one yell "Oh no, not again!"
  • A screen shows the Brewers logo and the phrase "Carlos Gomez catches everything."

Go ahead, try and top that.