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2014 MLB Vegas Odds: Brewers over/under set at 78.5 wins

That'd be 4.5 wins better than they were a year ago.

David Becker

The Atlantic Casino in Reno was one of the first to unveil over/under proposition bets for the 2014 season yesterday, and AZ Snakepit has the full list. They've got the Brewers pegged for 78.5 wins, but they're hedging their bet on that a bit: they've already lowered the return for gamblers wanting to bet the under.

The Brewers won 74 games a year ago, so that number would represent a small improvement over 2013. A year ago today the betting line was 79.5 wins for the 2013 team. This may be the hindsight talking, but I think this team is better on paper than they were a year ago.

Elsewhere in the division, the Cardinals are near the top of baseball at 90.5 wins, the Reds are at 87.5 (with the return also reduced on the under), the Pirates are at 85.5 and the Cubs are near the bottom of the list at 65.5.

For a reminder that things could always be worse, we have the Astros: Their over-under is set at just 57.5, which means they could hit the over and still have their fourth consecutive 100-loss season. On the other end of the spectrum, the Dodgers stand alone with a line of 92.5 wins.