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2014 MLB Vegas Odds: Brewers got a win better in late February

Their over/under for 2014 is now set at 79.5 wins, up from last check.

David Becker

Back on February 14 I published a look at the Atlantic Casino in Reno's proposition bets for the 2014 MLB season. At that point they had set the over/under for the Brewers at 78.5 wins, and were already adjusting the odds to hedge their bets against gamblers voting the under.

You can't win the division in February, but apparently you can gain a game in the standings. Today Bovada emailed me to let me know they've set the Brewers' over/under at 79.5 wins, a game better than the Atlantic's number. That's still only the fourth best figure in the NL Central, though, behind the Cardinals (90.5), Reds (84.5) and Pirates (83.5).

That's a pretty significant drop for the Reds and Pirates, as the Atlantic had Cincinnati at 87.5 wins and the Pirates at 85.5. The Cubs remain far off the pace by most measures, but Bovada's 69.5 win betting line is four wins up from the Atlantic's.

These numbers are, of course, for entertainment purposes only.