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The Thursday Thinker: Active Leader Lightning Round

Can you guess all 35 answers before time runs out?

Doug Pensinger

This week we wrapped up a project comparing likely members of the 2014 Milwaukee Brewers to a hypothetical team of active former Brewers. Making lists of active Brewers got me thinking about this week's topic.

Most thinkers are a test of your Brewers historical knowledge, but this one will try out your knowledge of the current team and your speed. Today we have 35 questions regarding the Brewers' active career leaders. How many of them can you answer in just three minutes?

If the quiz isn't displaying correctly for you here or you'd simply prefer to take it over there, follow this link to play the quiz at

Please post your score in the comments below, but also remember that comments on this post may contain spoilers. If you get all 35 answers correct, post your time along with your score in the comments.

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Have fun, and don't forget to post your score in the comments!