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Could the Cubs lose #10000 at Miller Park?

A milestone lurks around the corner for our rivals from the south.

Jonathan Daniel

As I was collecting links for this morning's Frosty Mug I came across the following tweet, helpfully retweeted by our friend Jaymes Langrehr:

That led me to a distracting realization: the Brewers and Cubs play 19 times in 2014. Is there a chance that this milestone event could happen against the Crew, or even in Milwaukee? By my count, the Brewers could get three series opportunities to hand the Cubs loss #10,000, although some are more likely than the others.

The Cubs and Brewers meet for the first time in 2014 on April 25-27 at Miller Park. The final game of that series will be the Cubs' 24th of the season. If Chicago somehow manages to open the campaign with 24 consecutive losses, the Sunday game of that series would be loss #10000. This highlights my inability to count in the mornings, because I screwed this up twice on Twitter.

The two teams go their separate ways for a few weeks after that before reconnecting at Wrigley Field on May 16 for a series involving the Cubs' 42nd, 43rd and 44th games. If the Cubs go 18-23. 19-22 or 20-21 in their first 41 games, then the Brewers will get a shot at handing them their 10,000th loss in this series.

If it doesn't happen then, though, the Cubs return to Miller Park on May 30th to open another three game series, this one featuring their 54th, 55th and 56th games of the season. At this point the Cubs will be coming off a stretch that featured an interleague series with the Yankees and a seven-game west coast swing through San Diego and San Francisco. If they come to Miller Park with a 30-23, 31-22 or 32-21 record, then again the Brewers get a chance to be a part of history.

If the Cubs don't get their 10000th loss in that series, then it'll be a while before the Brewers get another shot to give it to them. The two teams don't meet again until a four-gamer in Chicago in mid-August. If the Cubs still haven't lost their 24th game by that point, then we'll have quite the story.

Looking further ahead, the Brewers project to pick up their 10000th loss sometime during the 2091 season. We'll probably write more about that when it's closer to happening.