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Book Review: 100 Things Brewers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, Tom Haudricourt

Book reviews return to BCB with this short book treat from 2013 that should get people ready for the season.

This is part of a series that Triumph Books is doing with several other teams, already released over the past two or three years. I've also read the Twins one (not being reviewed here) to compare and put this book into context; all the books have the same format but different areas of focus depending on the interests of the writer. Tom Haudricourt, as most readers here know, has been the Brewers beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel since the late 1980s and has seen a lot of these historic events mentioned in the book firsthand.

This book is a great intro to Brewers history for newer fans and a good way for older fans to catch up. It's a good companion to Haudricourt's earlier, more traditionally ordered Brewers Confidential. 100 Things goes over all the really important parts of Brewers franchise history through the 2012 season in quick, easy-to-digest bits. It also includes major feats of players like Ben Sheets and Trevor Hoffman. It also covers items of fan and popular culture like tailgating, the Beer Barrel Polka, the sausages, and more. I'd give this book to the new fans who are wondering why Brewers fans do certain things and who want to learn more about the years they missed; it's not only the good times that are covered here but the bad times (like 2002) and the quirky times. I really enjoyed reading about the more unusual bits of franchise history, like a baseball giveaway gone wrong and the Brewers' history of really weird injuries. It just didn't start with towel pillows and suitcases gone astray. Personalities and players fans should know are not ignored. We also get bits of Miller Park history like the 2002 All-Star Game and the Cubs-Astros "home" game.

(A review copy was provided by the publisher.)