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Brewers 2014 t-shirts: Now you too can look like post-chili dog Carlos Gomez

The other ones aren't as bad.

John Steinmiller and Caitlin Moyer

The Brewers unveiled some new player and personality themed jersey t-shirts today. Some of them aren't bad, although some of the themes are somewhat unusual. Did you know, for example, that Jean Segura is a chef? Would you like to wear this newfound knowledge on your torso? If you answered "yes" to both questions, the Brewers have mass-produced a shirt for you.

Really, though, I want to talk about the one pictured above. The description given says "the front of this tee is 'dirty' because Gomez plays hard, making great catches and sliding into the plate." Really, though, it looks like it's 'dirty' because its owner just learned to eat with a fork.

Don't believe me? Here are some of the top Facebook comments:


With that said, this t-shirt could be a godsend for messy eaters. Ever spilled something on yourself at the park, then had to deal with the stain for the rest of the game? Now you can own a t-shirt that will hide your inability to feed yourself without incident.

Actually, I may need one of these.