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Gallardo goes cold, Brewers lose 10-3 to Indians

Three more exhibition games left.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Well, uh, that probably wasn't how Yovani Gallardo wanted to end his spring. Coming into the game with a 2.45 spring ERA and 14:2 K:BB ratio over 18+ innings, Gallardo walked four Indians batters, gave up six hits, and wound up with four earned runs in two innings.

Gallardo's next start will be opening day, so the hope is that the one poor start will have gotten that out of his system and he can be set to rock and roll moving forward. Of course, his last couple of seasons haven't inspired a lot of confidence that he'll be anywhere close to an ace again.

Maybe the Indians just had a real good day, though. The Brewers' relief corp wasn't at their best either as Jose De La Torre, Francisco Rodriguez and Brandon Kintzler all gave up runs. Yes. That's it. The Indians were just really, really, good today. One of those days. The Brewers are just fine.

Mitch Haniger had the best day offensively for the Brewers, going 2-2 with a solo home run and two RBI. Nick Ramirez and Tyrone Taylor also picked up hits to give Brewers' prospects half the teams' hits on the day. Stupid Lyle Overbay and his stupid Juan Francisco ejecting ways had the third Brewers' RBI.

But, yeah. Spring training! Only three more games of this nonsense before we can get down to the real nitty gritty.