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Jean Segura injury: Brewers SS might need a DL stint

Mean Jean hasn't played in about a week and is in danger of missing opening day.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Well isn't this just fine and dandy. Jean Segura, who has missed six consecutive games with a shoulder injury, might end up on the DL to start the season, per Adam McCalvy.

That's probably not so surprising, really. Anyone missing that much game time with just five days remaining until opening day (just five days you guys!) is going to be considered for a DL stint. The good news is an MRI came back negative, so there's no structural damage. Instead, he just has to deal with a bit of soreness.

"It feels much better, but I don't know," Segura said yesterday. "Hopefully, it's going to be ready for Opening Day. Maybe, I don't know."

Players are going to land on the disabled list from time-to-time; I don't think anyone is expected the Brewers to go through the season injury-free. However, Segura's injury highlights perhaps the biggest problem the Brewers have: They can't actually afford to lose these players for long periods of time. There is no depth on this team. None. Zip.

Jeff Bianchi would take over for Segura in the starting lineup. Ew. If other players get hurt? Also pretty much ew. If you touch Aramis Ramirez the wrong way he'll lose a limb and all of a sudden you have both Lyle Overbay and Mark Reynolds in the lineup every day. If Ryan Braun goes down it's Logan Schafer and his inability to hit major league pitching. If Jonathan Lucroy hits the DL, there's a giant black-hole of terrible in the lineup with Martin Maldonado.

Nobody expects team's to have all-stars ready in the wings if someone goes down, but man does it seem like the Brewers bench situation is worse than it should be. And heaven help us all if both a starter and backup go down. Do you want Alex Gonzalez back? That's how you get Alex Gonzalez back.

So get well soon, Jean. Then stay well. All season. Please.