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Planning your life around the 2014 Brewers season

Starting tomorrow, the Brewers will be playing on most days of the week. Are you prepared for it? Here is a quick primer to help you plan out your life.

Tom Lynn

Starting tomorrow, the Brewers are scheduled to play games in 162 of the next 182 days.  It can be tough on your life to watch that many games, but here is a quick primer that may help you plan out your life.  Hopefully this will help you balance out your Brewers viewing and the rest of your life.

First of all, here are some of the highlights from the schedule:

- There are 56 morning/afternoon games (start before 5 pm), 99 evening games (start between 6 pm and 8:30 pm), and 7 late games (start after 8:30 pm).

- The Brewers longest streak of consecutive days with games in 20 (June 10-29).  It is also the end of a streak where they will play 30 games in 31 days (May 30-June 29), as well as 46 games in 48 days (May 13-June 29).

- They will also play on 17 consecutive days (August 29-September 14), 16 consecutive days (May 13-28), and 15 consecutive days (April 9-23).

- Brewers players and some fans will be looking forward to their two series against the Blue Jays.  Both two-game series have an off day scheduled before and after the series.  In addition, the first series against the Blue Jays will feature two morning/afternoon games, meaning four consecutive evenings with no Brewers baseball (the only other streak this long is the All-Star Break).

- Most of the holiday games will be played on the road this year, including Easter (April 20 @ Pirates), Fourth of July (July 4 @ Reds), and Labor Day (September 1 @ Cubs).  The only holiday they get at home this year is Memorial Day (May 26 vs. Orioles).

- The longest homestand is in September, when the Brewers will play 11 straight home games (September 4-14).  The longest road trip is a 10-game trip (May 16-25).

- There are three west-coast road trips this year with late starts: June 16-22 (@ Diamondbacks, @ Rockies), August 15-17 (@ Dodgers), and August 25-31 (@ Padres, @ Giants).

Next, let's break it down by day of the week:


Afternoon 4
Evening 12
Late 2
Off Days 8
Non-Televised 0

Mondays can be a good day to relax.  There's eight off days and four afternoon games, giving you some evenings free.  Two of those afternoon games are for two home openers, and the other two are holiday games.


Afternoon 1
Evening 21
Late 2
Off Days 2
Non-Televised 0

As usual, Tuesdays are a busy day for the Brewers.  They will play evening or late games on 23 of the 26 Tuesdays during the season.  They do have two off-days, but one is for the All-Star game and the other is in the second week of the season as part of the scheduling for the Phillies home opener.  The only other outlier is one afternoon game in July against the Blue Jays, with a start time of 12:07 pm as they celebrate Canada Day in Toronto.


Morning/Afternoon 9
Evening 15
Late 1
Off Days 1
Non-Televised 5

Wednesday is just as packed as Tuesday, but it ends up being more flexible due to the number of afternoon games being played.  9 of the 25 games are afternoon starts, clearing those evenings for any other plans you have.  Plus, it also helps that FS Wisconsin is not televising five games, giving you even more incentive to take advantage of a quiet night.


Morning/Afternoon 6
Evening 11
Late 0
Off Days 9
Non-Televised 5

Thursday is one of the most friendly days for planning your life.  They only play 11 evening games, and have the most off days of any day of the week.  Plus, 5 of the 6 afternoon games are not televised.


Afternoon 2
Evening 22
Late 2
Off Days 0
Non-Televised 0

While Friday may be a great day to go out, you should be ready to find places to go with TVs that have the game on.  It is the day of the week with the most evening games, with 24 of 26 games taking place at night.  The only two exceptions are the game at the Red Sox in the first week of the season, and a game at the Cubs in mid-May.


Afternoon 8
Evening 18
Late 0
Off Days 0
Non-Televised 0

Saturdays are a little more forgiving for your night life, but not by much.  While there are eight afternoon games, all of them occur in a streak of nine Saturdays in between mid-May and mid-July.  You may get a few more evenings free if some national broadcasts change, but I wouldn't count on that.


Afternoon 26
Evening 0
Late 0
Off Days 0
Non-Televised 0

Sundays are simple: The afternoon is for baseball, and the evening is for everything else.  The latest scheduled start time for a Sunday game is 3:10 pm.  National game scheduling could change some of this around, but for now, you can be pretty confident that your Sunday nights will be clear.

That's the breakdown of the season schedule.  Hopefully that will help you plan out your life so you can balance following the Brewers and doing everything else you have to do.