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Brewers TV broadcasts to skip ten day games in 2014

Plan your weekday schedules accordingly.

Mike McGinnis

Yesterday the Brewers announced their full television schedule for the 2014 season, with 150 games* scheduled to be televised on either FS Wisconsin, Fox Sports 1 or as part of national broadcasts on FOX.

You can see the full list of televised games in the link above but I suspect you might be more interested in this group: 2014's untelevised games. FS Wisconsin opted not to cover ten weekday day games this season, including eight home games at Miller Park and one interleague game. The dark days are as follows:

  • Thursday, April 16 v Cardinals
  • Wednesday, May 7 v Diamondbacks
  • Thursday, May 15 v Pirates
  • Wednesday, June 25 v Nationals
  • Thursday, July 10 v Phillies
  • Wednesday, July 23 v Reds
  • Thursday, August 7 v Giants
  • Thursday, August 14 @ Cubs
  • Wednesday, August 20 v Blue Jays
  • Thursday, September 25 @ Reds
  • * - The math isn't quite perfect here. The release says 150 games, but I was only able to find ten uncovered games. Am I missing two? Let me know.

    FS Wisconsin sometimes picks up extra games during the season, so it's possible some of these games will be televised after all. If they're not, however, Brewer fans will miss four games against 2013 playoff teams (including one against the NL Champion Cardinals), another against the rival Cubs, a potential Stephen Strasburg or (Wisconsin native) Jordan Zimmermann start for the Nationals and more.