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Prognostikeggers 2014 - Week 3

No points for predicting a Gold Glove here (unless it's for flashing it during the game).

Mike McGinnis

Week 2 of Prognostikeggers is done.  With two correct predictions (one five-point and one three-point), ObiBraunKenobi takes the week.  Here are the standings:

BCB User Name Points
1 ObiBraunKenobi 8
2 hisnameispuddles 5
2 JediForce 5
2 MrLeam 5
5 jimf 4
6 aaronetc 3
6 airfigaro 3
6 Taterwithbacon 3
6 Whiffleball Tony 3
11 Bush League All Star 2
11 GoldenFrank 2

(Click here to view the prediction results.)

Going to be a short update due to the issues I had this morning, but I do have one thing to talk about.  I've noticed that scoring with the predictions has been lower than I expected, and I'm thinking about going back to the normal predictions (attendance, runs, hits, errors, MVP, plus a rotating prediction) and cutting the bonus.  The bonus is one of the more fun parts of it, but I don't think I can run both parts at the same time.  So, I'll throw the question out to those of you who have been playing.  Which would you prefer to see?  Would you rather make your own predictions, or would you like to see a structure?  Let me know in the comments.

For now, we will stick with this format for at least two more weeks.  Here's the week 3 form, you get seven predictions for this week's seven games.  Good luck this week.

(Click here to view all predictions made so far.)