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Rickie Weeks in lineup for Brewers against Pirates

The bottom half of the Brewers' order has been mired in a slump recently. Maybe today will be the day they all break out.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Lineups

Carlos Gomez - CF Starling Marte - LF
Jean Segura - SS Russell Martin - C
Ryan Braun - RF Andrew McCutchen - CF
Aramis Ramirez - 3B Pedro Alvarez - 3B
Jonathan Lucroy - C Jose Tabata - RF
Khris Davis - LF Ike Davis - 1B
Mark Reynolds - 1B Neil Walker - 2B
Rickie Weeks - 2B Clint Barmes - SS
Matt Garza - RHP Wandy Rodriguez - SHP

Rickie Weeks is in the lineup and starting ninth today in the third game of a four game series against the Pirates. Pittsburgh took the first game handily, but the Brewers came back to tie the series up in a wild game last night.

Bring a part of a platoon has not really helped Weeks experience any sort of resurgence in his career. In fact, he's struggling more than ever with just three hits in 21 at-bats. To be fair, many of those have come in pinch-hit opportunities, which are notoriously difficult, but when 20 players have a higher batting average than Weeks' OPS three weeks into the season, it's not looking so good.

In fact, the entire bottom of today's lineup should be a delight. Mark Reynolds picked up a couple of hits yesterday, but that broke a week-long hitless streak. Hopefully it means he'll start hitting well-enough again. Khris Davis, meanwhile, has one hit and one walk since April 10. Combined, the Brewers 6-7-8 hitters today are 5-46 (.109 batting average) over the past eight days.

Meanwhile, Matt Garza had his worst start as a Brewer earlier in the week against the Cardinals. Not to say he was bad, of course: seven innings while allowing four runs on nine hits and a walk is not horrible, especially when coupled with six strikeouts. Still, after a sterling debut, Garza has been pretty mediocre all in all over these last two starts. it's nothing to worry about yet, but here's hoping Garza gets back on track against the Pirates tonight!