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Prognostikeggers 2014 - Week 4

Too bad no one predicted a ball would bust during a game, that would have been an easy five points.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Week 3 is done, and here are the results:

BCB User Name Points
1 airfigaro 7
2 aaronetc 5
3 Kid19 4
4 GoldenFrank 3
4 jimf 3
6 AcesHigh 1

(Click here to view last week's results.)

We had ten correct predictions last week, and three people got two right each.  The week ended up coming down to who had the rarer predictions, and it was airfigaro that ended up winning the week.  A common theme in the early weeks has been that the winner has got multiple predictions right, so that may be a secret right there if you're trying to win.

We're moving on to week 4 now.  Six games this week, so you get to make six predictions.  Space them all out across the week if you want, or make them all today if you're worried you will forget later this week.  Either way, get those predictions in and let's have some more fun with this week.

(Click here to view all week 4 predictions made so far.)