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Here's a big map showing the percentage of people who like different MLB teams by zip code

At least, according to the likes on Facebook.

The New York Times has a pretty neat little map up today.

Basically what this map tells us is the percentage of Facebook users in each zip code around the nation who like different teams, giving a nice look at how far various fanbases stretch. There have been plenty of things done on this before, but this one is pretty specific and lets you move around to see specific percentages.

All in all, it's about what you would expect for the Brewers. The entire state outside of the very northwest part is overwhelmingly supportive of the Brewers. The Cubs are often in the top-3 of Wisconsin zip codes, especially as you move further south. The Twins, meanwhile, show up more as you go west. Shocking, isn't it? The Brewers influence also stretches into parts of Iowa and Minnesota near the southwest corner of Wisconsin.

The most interesting part of Wisconsin is how relatively supportive of the Red Sox it is. Particularly in the central part of the state, the third most-liked team is typically Boston. That's in contrast to much of the United States where the Yankees seem to show up most often.

It's fun to see how often the Red Sox and Yankees show up nation-wide. And by fun, I don't even know what I really mean. The Yankees certainly have the most surface area on this map by virtue of Alaska being mostly pro-New York.

Keep in mind on this, that there may be plenty of people who like several different teams on Facebook. People in southwestern Wisconsin may like the Cubs, White Sox, Brewers, and Twins all at once. People in Iowa might like about eight different teams, or so MLB's blackout rules would have you think.

Here's what get's me: This must have been a pain in the ass to put together. My other job is in social media. I could make this map. I know what you would have to do to find this information. And it would be the most time-consuming menial task ever. The accompanying article for the map says they got the info from Facebook directly, which probably made it easy as cake. But as a former intern, the thought of pulling this data separately makes my eye twitch.

Anything stand out to you? Do you like the Brewers or any other team on Facebook? More importantly, do you like Brew Crew Ball on Facebook? (Or on Twitter for that matter?)