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Brewers' TV Crew ranks 8th in Awful Announcing's rankings of MLB broadcasters

Awful Announcing has rankings of every MLB team's TV announcing unit. The Brewers fared pretty well!

Scott Boehm

Brian Anderson and Bill "Rock" Schroeder, along with Matt Lepay, Craig Coshun, Craig Counsell, and Jerry Augustine, were ranked as the 8th best television broadcasting unit in MLB by Awful Announcing.

Here is the analysis given to the Brewers' FSN crew by the site:

82% of the Brewers grades were an A, B, or C. Anderson has seen his profile grow with national assignments for Turner Sports in recent years. Brewers fans know they’re lucky to have him.

Personally, I think this is about where the Brewers should be. Brian Anderson is one of the most solid play-by-play guys in the business today. He may lack for enthusiasm or straight noteable-ness, but he gives good information, calls the game well, and has improved on his excitement levels since he first joined the team in 2007 after working on the Golf Channel.

Anderson is certainly starting to receive National Acclaim, as well, working national broadcasts in both the NBA and MLB. At the rate he's going, the Brewers may need to look for a new play-by-play guy soon as Anderson may receive a bigger opportunity. Nicole will take a longer look at this possibility and a bigger look at the state of the broadcast crew either later today or tomorrow morning.

As far as Schroeder goes, he's certainly usually inoffensive as a broadcaster. He has good chemistry with Anderson and can impart his knowledge of the game. I may not personally be his biggest fan, but I'm not really actively rooting for him to lose his job, either. Besides, if Schroeder were to move to another role we might forget who caught Juan Nieves' no-hitter.

All in all, I tend to under-appreciate the Brewers' TV crew I think. If I ever decide to listen to the opposing announcers on, I usually will appreciate B.A. and Rock more. Because, seriously, some of the other units out there are pretty terrible.

In case you were wondering, the Giants' TV crew ranked number one. The White Sox and Hawk Harrelson ranked dead last, naturally. I'm assuming if Awful Announcing does a ranking of radio crews, the Brewers would be even higher up.