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Potential Brewers milestones in the 2014 season

What milestones could Brewers hit in 2014? We take a look at that today.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

It happens every season. Several players have big milestones that pass as they collect stats. As the 2014 season begins, there are some more milestones that are coming. Earlier this week, I looked through Baseball Reference at milestones that are coming up. Here are some of those milestones that could happen this season.

Note: All stats are through Wednesday's game. Also, while I will factor in some injury time for certain players, most of the projections and probabilities assume a relatively healthy season.

Aramis Ramirez

Games Played: 1,927
Needs 73 games to 2,000
Probability: 99%

Only injury will stop Ramirez from playing 73 games in 2014. As long as Ramirez is healthy, he will play.

Ryan Braun

Games Played: 947
Needs 53 games played to reach 1,000
Probability: 99%

I don't see any reason that Ryan Braun will not surpass 1,000 games played this season.

Carlos Gomez

Runs Scored: 373
Needs 127 runs scored to reach 500
Probability: 1%

While Carlos Gomez may score some extra runs through batting in the leadoff spot, there have only been three times in franchise history where a Brewer scored more than 127 runs (twice by Paul Molitor and once by Robin Yount). It's possible, but I wouldn't count on it.

Jonathan Lucroy

Doubles: 67
Needs 33 doubles to reach 100
Probability: 1%

Jonathan Lucroy showed he is capable of recording doubles last year when he had a career-best 25. However, unless he has another big jump up, he won't get to 100 this season.

Rickie Weeks

Hits: 941
Needs 59 hits to reach 1,000
Probability: 90%

Even in a reduced role, I think Rickie Weeks can pass the 1,000 hit mark this season. Only Scooter Gennett completely taking over at second base will stop him.

Home Runs: 140
Needs 10 home runs to reach 150
Probability: 60%

This one could be a little tougher. I'm going to favor Weeks in this scenario because he still had 10 home runs last year, even through his struggles and injury. However, if Weeks loses playing time, his chances will drop even more. If it's a true platoon split and Weeks gets around 350 PA, I think he'll get to 10 home runs.

Doubles: 186
Needs 16 doubles to reach 200
Probability: 70%

Looking back to last season again, Rickie Weeks had 20 doubles in the reduced time. Going along with what I said for the home runs, if he gets around 350 PA, he should have at least 16 doubles.

Lyle Overbay

Home Runs: 147
Needs 3 home runs to reach 150
Probability: 75%

If you had asked me about this one last week, I probably would have gone lower. However, in the first few games of the season, it is obvious that Overbay will get time. He hit 14 home runs last year, and 2 the year before that (though only in 131 PA). If first base remains a platoon, Overbay will somehow collect 3 home runs.

Games Played: 1,468
Needs 32 games played to reach 1,500
Probability: 90%

Once again, I would have changed my prediction if you asked me this last week. However, after seeing how much Overbay is playing in the first few games on 2014, it's looking likely that Overbay will play at least 32 games.

Mark Reynolds

Games Played: 989
Needs 11 games played to reach 1,000
Probability: 99%

As long as Mark Reynolds doesn't get cut in the next two weeks, he will reach this mark.

Kyle Lohse

Strikeouts: 1,371
Needs 129 strikeouts to reach 1,500
Probability: 5%

Kyle Lohse doesn't focus on strikeouts, and his stats show that. For him to get another 129 strikeouts, he would be pushing levels he reached when he was a Cy Young candidate in 2012. I don't think he will get that far.

Francisco Rodriguez

Strikeouts: 934
Needs 66 strikeouts to reach 1,000
Probability: 95%

In a partial season last year, he still had 54 strikeouts. His lowest total in a full season was 67. There is a reason he is called K-Rod. As long as he is healthy, he gets this milestone.

That's it for milestones coming up this year. Most of these are easily within reach or too far out of reach, but that's some of the marks we could see happen this year.