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Rickie Weeks won't play left field

Brewers second baseman was asked if he would be willing to play left field but refused.


As tonight's game approaches, an interesting bit of news came out.  Earlier today, in a pregame session with Ron Roenicke, the topic came up of Rickie Weeks.  Ron Roenicke mentioned that Weeks was approached about the possibility of playing in left field.  However, Weeks declined the possibility and prefers to stay at second base.  Adam McCalvy has the details of this on his Twitter feed.

It's interesting that Weeks would turn down this opportunity to play left field.  When asked why he turned it down, Weeks said that he is a second baseman.  It's fair that Weeks doesn't want to make a position change, especially with free agency approaching for him.  However, with Scooter Gennett playing well as the regular starter right now, it is going to be hard for Weeks to get any time at second base.  Plus, Khris Davis has been struggling so far this season, putting up a batting line of .216/.238/.392 in left field.  There would be an opportunity to get regular playing time in left field if he could put together a passable defense with at least an average bat.

At the same time, Weeks has also been around long enough to see what has happened to several other players that changed positions for the Brewers.  It's not an easy thing to change positions, especially during the season.  However, Weeks isn't helping his case by sitting on the bench and getting pinch hit appearances with an occasional start.

Rickie Weeks is getting the start tonight at second base with left-handed pitcher CC Sabathia on the mound.  He is also batting fifth, which shows that Roenicke has some confidence in him.  If he wants to get some regular playing time at second base back, he will need to show them what he can do in a start like this one.