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Can Rickie Weeks be traded?

A couple of weeks ago it seemed like a no-brainer, but now that Weeks is hitting again the answer becomes elusive.

Mike McGinnis

With Scooter Gennett coming off a terrific half season and Rickie Weeks coming off a terrible season exacerbated by major hamstring injury, the idea of trading Weeks has never been far from most Brewers fans' minds. Until recently it seemed highly unlikely that it was possible, but now he's hitting again (333/388/378, 117 wRC+). Ken Rosenthal recently broached the topic.

Rosenthal suggests that the Cardinals and Orioles might in the market for a second baseman. Taking a quick look at how teams rank in fWAR at second base, I would add the Athletics and Blue Jays to the list. He also notes that clubs struggling against left-handed pitching might be interested. Specifically he mentions the Indians, Royals, Dodgers, and Mariners. As the trade deadline gets closer, more teams may present themselves. If Weeks continues hitting, there will definitely be clubs interested.

I have to wonder if Weeks' production is a kind of a catch-22. By that I mean, if he is playing well enough to be traded, would that actually be in the best interest of the playoff contending Brewers? Scooter Gennett has surpassed my expectations, but he's still not a great second baseman. He is currently hitting 287/320/410 (99 wRC+) overall, but against lefties he's hitting 143/143/143 (-33 wRC+). That's where Rickie Weeks comes in. It's true he isn't doing well right now vs LHP (213/280261, 52 wRC+), but that's bound to get better and it's already way better than what Scooter is doing. Even last year Weeks had a 98 wRC+ vs LHP and that was easily his worst mark.

I know a lot has been made of Weeks' recent comments about not playing left field, but a productive Rickie Weeks is still pretty valuable to this team in my opinion. What do you guys think? If Weeks continues to be this productive would you want to keep Weeks or trade him?

Statistics courtesy of Fangraphs