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Carlos Gomez drops appeal, will begin serving suspension Wednesday

Gomez was already out for Wednesday's game due to injury, meaning he will likely miss less overall time now that he dropped his appeal.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Gomez has officially dropped his appeal of a three-game suspension and will begin serving his suspension Wednesday night, the Brewers announced.

The suspension stems from an on-field incident on Easter against the Pirates, whom the Brewers are in the middle of a three-game series with. Gomez hit a long fly ball into deep center field that he thought was a home run, so he looked at it a little bit. Instead, it went off the wall and Gomez had a triple.

This displeased Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole, who walked over to third base admonishing Gomez for his actions. (Cole would rather have been pinned with an earned run on an inside the park home run). The whole thing turned into a hullabaloo.

Anyway, Gomez taking the suspension now is basically the best possible thing. He had already been ruled out of tonight's lineup due to back spasms, so that's one game down. He also may not have been able to be back for Thursday or Friday's game.

Thus, even had Gomez's game been reduced, he would end up missing more time by taking both the injury and the suspension. This way, he basically lumps the two together and ends up missing less time, beating the system. Which is basically hilarious. I love that baseball rules allow him to do this.

Gomez will be eligible to return on My 17 against the Cubs.