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Brewers ruin Star Track night for Reds, win 2-0.

Wily Peralta brought his laser screwdriver as he plated 2 runs and tossed 8 scoreless frames in tonight's victory.

Carlos Gomez posing for a picture with two Ewoks.
Carlos Gomez posing for a picture with two Ewoks.
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Winning Pitcher: Wily Peralta

Losing Pitcher: Mike Leake

SV: Francisco Rodriguez


The game tried it's hardest early on to give me an ulcer. Wily Peralta struggled a bit in the first inning. He got out of it without giving up a run, but the second to last pitch was a near home run. It would have plated 3 runs but instead Peralta got the inning ending strikeout on the next pitch.

Then in the fourth inning Joey Votto hit what initially appeared to be a home run, to me and the Reds anyway. The umpire ruled it in play and Votto only got to second base. After the official replay used by the Reds the call was upheld and again Peralta would escape unscathed.

Prior to that in the top half of the fourth Carlos Gomez reached second on a base hit and a throwing error. Unfortunately Scooter Gennett hit a liner up the middle that froze Gomez who was then easily tagged out. Jonathan Lucroy did hit a double, but with runners at the corners and 1 out Aramis Ramirez hit into a double play.

All of that melted away in the top of the 5th. Lyle Overbay reached on a single. Caleb Gindl drew a walk. Segura hit into a fielder's choice with the out at second base. The "Big Bad' Wily Peralta came to the plate and drove in the pair with his second double of the year.

The ridiculousness returned in the fifth when, on what should have been an easy out at 1st base, Segura airmailed the throw. The runner (Reds' starter Mike Leake) was obviously safe but was also awarded second base as the ball was ruled out of play. So instead of the inning ending, there were runners at second and third. Thankfully the next pitch was a grounder fielded slickly by Scooter Gennett.

It was smooth sailing after that for Peralta. He ended his night with 8 scoreless innings with 7 strikeouts and only 3 hits allowed. There were a lot of things to be impressed with tonight, but perhaps most impressive was the way Peralta was able to remain calm. Even though the defense got him into a couple of jams in the game, Peralta remained poised and got out of trouble. This start ranks just below his complete game shutout last year.

Francisco Rodriguez locked down the ninth inning, notching his 14th save of the year.

Tomorrow night sees Yovani Gallardo face Johnny Cueto in game 3. It's going to be a tough one! Start time is 6:10 pm CT.