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What we learned: May 20, 2014

Today's lessons include who should play at first base and is brought to you by the number 4.

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Yesterday's Results

Braves 9, Brewers 3

If the Brewers ever wanted to give away a game, this may be how it would look. Wily Peralta gave up single runs in the first three innings, though the first was unearned. Khris Davis hit a two-run home run to bring the game to 3-2, and the Braves scored another unearned run in the sixth to increase the lead to 4-2. Ryan Braun hit a solo home run in the eighth to close it back to a one-run game. Then, Wei-Chung Wang came into the game. He allowed five runs in less than an inning, pushing the game out of reach.

Jonathan Lucroy should get more starts at first base.

With Aramis Ramirez on the disabled list, Mark Reynolds has been playing more time at third base to cover his absence. That has left a gap at first base, one that the Brewers have tried to fill with some worse hitters. However, the Brewers have an option available to help out: Jonathan Lucroy. Yesterday, Noah looked at the case for giving Jonathan Lucroy more starts at first base while Aramis Ramirez is out. It's still not the ideal situation, but at least it gives the Brewers the most possible hitters for their lineup for now. The Brewers ended up using that idea last night, but will they continue to use it?

Cram Session

Power Rankings

Other Notes

Minor League Update

Team Level Record Yesterday Today
Nashville Sounds AAA 24-20 Nashville 5, Omaha 4 Omaha @ Nashville
Huntsville Stars AA 30-15 Birmingham 18, Huntsville 9 OFF
Brevard County Manatees A+ 23-19 Brevard County 1, Jupiter 0 Brevard County @ Palm Beach
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers A 20-22 Kane County @ Wisconsin
Kane County @ Wisconsin

News & Notes

Check out morineko's daily minor league update for a more in-depth look at yesterday's minor league results.

Division Update

Team W L GB
Brewers 27 18 -
Cardinals 23 21 3.5
Reds 20 23 6
Pirates 18 25 8
Cubs 15 27 10.5

Today's Division Games

  • Orioles (Miguel Gonzalez) @ Pirates (Francisco Liriano) - 6:05 pm
  • Reds (Johnny Cueto) @ Nationals (Doug Fister) - 6:05 pm
  • Yankees (Masahiro Tanaka) @ Cubs (Jason Hammel) - 7:05 pm
  • Diamondbacks (Bronson Arroyo) @ Cardinals (Adam Wainwright) - 7:15 pm

Today's Action

The Brewers continue their series against the Braves this evening. Yovani Gallardo looks to get the Brewers back to winning, and he will face off against Julio Teheran of the Braves. First pitch is at 6:10 pm, and Matt Slovin of has the preview.

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