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The lineup revolution continues: Braun returns, batting second

Guess who's back.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So this may be our most interesting Brewer lineup to date:

Today's Lineups

Jean Segura - SS C. Yelich - LF
Ryan Braun - RF Derek Dietrich - 2B
Jonathan Lucroy - C G. Stanton - RF
Carlos Gomez - CF Casey McGehee - 3B
Mark Reynolds - 3B Garrett Jones - 1B
Scooter Gennett - 2B J. Saltalamacchia - C
Khris Davis - LF Marcell Ozuna - CF
Lyle Overbay - 1B A. Hechavarria - SS
Wily Peralta - RHP Jacob Turner - RHP

We spend a lot of time talking about lineup construction. There's the usual push and pull between "every run matters, and optimizing it helps!" and "it really doesn't matter a whole lot!" But there's a lot to like about this lineup:

  • As a rule of thumb, you want your best batter hitting 2nd, due to tradeoffs between projected amounts of runners on base and total plate appearances. Hitting Braun 3rd for years has led him to come up a disproportionate amount of times with 2 outs and no one on, the worst situation possible for your best hitter.
  • As another rule of thumb, you want your two best hitters 2 and 4. Check.
  • As we have also talked about frequently, the basics in lineup construction are important too- alternative lefty/righty and setting up basestealers properly. Gomez in the 4 spot can run whenever he wants and give the bottom of the order a better chance to drive him in. That's less worth it with the heart of the order coming up.
I have no clue if this is a long-term shift in strategy for Roenicke. I doubt it. But I like it.
Game time is 3:10 PM CT in Miami. Go Brewers!