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Prognostikeggers 2014 - Week 9

Get ready to ask the tough questions if you want to win.

Scott Cunningham

Week 8 is in the books.  Here are the final results:

BCB User Name Points
1 A-S-O 5
1 dennishippert 5
3 jimf 3
4 airfigaro 2
4 Duhawk Steve 2

(Click here to view all of last week's predictions.)

Predictions have lightened up quite a bit over the last few weeks. As you can see, only four or five people have finished on the leaderboard the last few weeks. I'm a little concerned by how much it has dropped off, and would like to see prediction numbers rise again. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

The week 9 form is below. I had hoped to put together some overall standings, but didn't have time to do that this morning. I might be able to get something later this week, or at worst for next week.

Anyway, it's a six-prediction week. Let's see some good predicting this week.

(Click here to view all of this week's predictions.)