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What we learned: May 30, 2014

Today's lesson includes the Brewers position in the standings, attendance figures, and Will Smith's all-star case.

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Mike McGinnis

Yesterday's Results

The Brewers had the day off.

The Brewers are still in first place.

It's not much of a lesson, but it's worth remembering. Despite the tough month, the Brewers still lead the division, and the lead is now up to three games after last night. Yesterday, Derek provided a reminder of that fact, as well as looked ahead to what is coming up for the Brewers. It was a tough month for the team, but things are looking better in June. It could be a month that ends up strengthening their chances at the postseason.

Pete Incaviglia should have been a Brewer.

Pete Incaviglia was never a Brewer, but maybe he should have been. He fits the profile of a Brewers player, on many different levels. Fred profiled the player yesterday, looking at his career and the numbers that would make him a good candidate to be a Brewer. The home run power, the strikeout numbers, and even the attitude, it all matches what we should see from a Brewer.

The Brewers continue to rank high in attendance.

One thing that the Brewers have done well for years is draw fans. It's much better than 2003, when they barely drew 1.7 million fans, or the days at County Stadium, when it was a dream to draw 2 million fans. Attendance has been light for the Brewers so far in 2014, but they haven't hit the busy months yet. Derek looked at the current attendance situation yesterday, and how it compares to previous years. He looked at how attendance has been affected in previous years, and what to expect this year. We will see how it plays out over the next few months.

Will Smith has a tough road if he wants to be an All-Star.

The trade that brought Will Smith to Milwaukee has been seen as a success already, with Smith preforming beyond what we expected. Is it good enough for an All-Star appearance? Noah asked that question yesterday, looking at what Smith faces if he wants to become an All-Star. It's a tough road ahead, and even tougher for Smith since many relievers in his position don't make it. He has the numbers, the question is if everything will fall into place for him.

Cram Session

Minor League Update

Team Level Record Yesterday Today
Nashville Sounds AAA 29-26 Nashville 3, Colorado Springs 0 Friday: Colorado Springs @ Nashville
Saturday: Iowa @ Nashville
Sunday: Iowa @ Nashville
Huntsville Stars AA 37-17 Huntsville 4, Tennessee 3 Friday: Tennessee @ Huntsville
Saturday: Huntsville @ Jackson
Sunday: Huntsville @ Jackson
Brevard County Manatees A+ 27-25 Brevard County 9, St. Lucie 1 Friday: Brevard County @ St. Lucie
Saturday: Brevard County @ Charlotte
Sunday: Brevard County @ Charlotte
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers A 25-28 Wisconsin 8, Cedar Rapids 5 Friday: Wisconsin @ Cedar Rapids
Saturday: Quad Cities @ Wisconsin
Sunday: Quad Cities @ Wisconsin
DSL Brewers R 0-0 - Saturday: DSL Tigers @ DSL Brewers

News & Notes

Check out morineko's daily minor league update for a more in-depth look at yesterday's minor league results.

Division Update

Team W L GB
Brewers 32 22 -
Cardinals 29 25 3
Pirates 24 29 7.5
Reds 23 29 8
Cubs 19 32 11.5

This Weekend's Division Games

  • Giants @ Cardinals
    Friday: Madison Bumgarner vs. Adam Wainwright - 7:15 pm
    Saturday: Matt Cain vs. Michael Wacha - 1:15 pm
    Sunday: Tin Hudson vs. Lance Lynn - 1:15 pm
  • Reds @ Diamondbacks
    Friday: Mike Leake vs. Bronson Arroyo - 8:40 pm
    Saturday: Johnny Cueto vs. Brandon McCarthy - 9:10 pm
    Sunday: Alfredo Simon vs. Wade Miley - 3:10 pm
  • Pirates @ Dodgers
    Friday: Francisco Liriano vs. Josh Beckett - 9:10 pm
    Saturday: Brandon Cumpton vs. Hyun-Jin Ryu - 6:15 pm
    Sunday: Edinson Volquez vs. Zack Greinke - 7:07 pm

This Weekend's Action

The Brewers play a three-game series against the Cubs this weekend.  Here are the starting matchups:

Friday: Travis Wood vs. Marco Estrada - 7:10 pm
Saturday: Jason Hammel vs. Wily Peralta - 3:10 pm
Sunday: Jeff Samardzija vs. Kyle Lohse - 1:10 pm