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Prognostikeggers 2014 - Week 6

One player fully utilized The Force to bring home a Prognostikeggers win in Week 5.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Last weekend was full of Star Wars themed activities.  There was Star Wars day at Great American Ball Park on Friday, and the fourth day of May each year has become famous for the line "May the fourth be with you" in tribute to Star Wars.  So, it seems appropriate that a Star Wars themed user won the week.

That's right, with two correct predictions and six points, it was the Return of the Jedi here.  More specifically, it was JediForce that ended up using his Force Prediction power to see well enough into the future to win the week.  Here are the final standings for week 5:

BCB User Name Points
1 JediForce 6
2 Cyrus Clops 5
2 ObiBraunKenobi 5
4 Duhawk Steve 3
4 Kid19 3
4 Novak93 3
4 wilinkin25 3
8 aaronetc 2
9 airfigaro 1

It ended up being a good week for scoring, but that's what happens when all of the Wei-Chung Wang predictions end up paying off in one big day.  Here are the final results for the week.

Let's move on to week 6 now.  It's a six-prediction week that features an interleague series.  It also features the worst team in baseball.  Will that affect your predictions?  Or will you stick with making Wei-Chung Wang predictions?  Let's find out.

(Also, I'm glad it was a Star Wars themed user that won the week.  Didn't need an Arrested Development one winning because I wasn't going to make some connection to May 4th from Arrested Development here.)

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