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Great moments from Wiki Answers: Did Derek Jeter ever play for the Brewers?

Inquiring minds at wiki answers want to know!

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

I was doing some research today, looking to see if it was known yet what the Brewers would give Derek Jeter as a retirement present before the team's game against the Yankees tonight. When I misspelled a word in "Brewers Derek Jeter gift", I came across a link I couldn't help but click, and thus found this:


It's a real, honest to god question.

I don't know, is that as funny to anyone else as it is to me?

  1. Jeter is, like, known as being a Yankee. If he weren't Derek Jeter, his name would be Derek Yankee. Derek "Born in Pinstripes" Jeter. Jeter is more of a Yankee than Babe Ruth. He's more of a Yankee than Joe Dimaggio and Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra. Or at least, this is what has been beaten into me by ESPN and, well, everyone else. When Derek Jeter came out of the womb, the veins in his body probably formed the impression of pinstripes. Even thinking about him on another team is weird.
  2. Of all other teams, who would be asking if Jetah was ever a part of the Brewers? Have they ever been connected, ever? The Yankees drafted Jeter 6th overall in the 1992 draft. The Brewers didn't pick until the 12th selection that year, bringing in Ken Felder. Brewers special assistant Dick Groch remembers scouting Jeter, but I'm pretty sure that's the closest the Brewers have ever come to having him on their team. If you were wondering if Jeter ever played on another team, wouldn't you be asking about, like, the Cubs or Dodgers or something? Who would think, 'Y'know, Jeter sounds like a guy who had been on the Brewers'?
  3. Why does this need to be asked on Wiki Answers? His career stats are in about 800 different places. Did someone start typing in wikipedia, got to wiki, had autofill bring up, and think, eh, good enough? Asker, you could have had much more instant gratification! Why are you waiting!?

Anyway, here's an artist's representation of what Derek Jeter would look like in a Brewers uniform: