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Draft week begins!

The First-Year Player's Draft is this week so we're having a week long draftravaganza...draftapalooza...we're going to have a bunch of articles for you.

This horse is totally freaking jazzed for draft week!
This horse is totally freaking jazzed for draft week!
Vince Caligiuri

Hey everyone. I just wanted to fill you all in a little bit about the coming week. The first year player draft starts on Thursday so in preparation and celebration, we're going to have a bunch of articles for you every day leading up to and including each day of the draft.

I won't get too in depth here, but on Monday I'll have an introduction for you guys on this year's draft with some specifics about how the draft works and where the Brewers will be picking. We're also going to take a look at some of the players the Brewers are rumored to be targeting with their first overall pick and some names to be aware of for other rounds as well. There will also be a draft thread so we can hang out and cheer (or bitch) about selections. We have much more for you, so you'll just have to keep checking back. I'm really excited and I hope you guys enjoy reading them all.

I also wanted to share some of the links I've been using to keep up with the draft this year:

  • Here is the draft order with some basic information about the various comp rounds.
  • Here is the draft order with the assigned pick values through the tenth round.
  • Here is Baseball America's Top 500 draft prospects.
  • Here is Baseball America's latest mock draft.
  • Here is's Top 200 draft prospects.
  • Here is's (Jim Callis') latest mock draft.
  • Here is Chris Crawford's Top 100 draft prospects.
  • Here is Chris Crawford's latest mock draft.
  • Here is Keith Law's Top 100 draft prospects. You need ESPN Insider to view this.
  • Here is Keith Law's latest mock draft. Again, you need ESPN Insider.

One more thing. MLB Network will be airing a draft special tonight at 9 pm CT. It will cover their Top 50 draft prospects. I think it'll have Jim Callis and maybe Jonathan Mayo hosting so it should be good.

I hope you guys find that useful and I hope you're all as excited as I am. It should be a fun week.