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Prognostikeggers 2014 - Week 11

How will those bats come into play this week?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the results for week 10:

BCB User Name Points
1 ASO 5
2 aaronetc 3
2 Gomez 3
4 airfigaro 2
4 tdgbp 2

(Click here to view the results from week 10.)

It was ASO that pulled out two big predictions this week to get the win. In any single week, hitting a big prediction can do that, but it's a huge hit-and-miss proposition.  Will you take the big chance in the future? Or will you go for smaller predictions that have a better chance of building some points?

Six predictions are on tap for week 11. What will you predict this week? Will you make some big prediction that you will hit? Get your predictions in and good luck.

(Click here to view all predictions for this week.)