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Brewers vs. Mets: Milwaukee using hot, sexy lineup in series finale

Whoa, nelly.

Andy Marlin

Today's Lineups

Rickie Weeks - 2B Daniel Murphy - 2B
Ryan Braun - RF Bobby Abreu - RF
Jonathan Lucroy - C David Wright - 3B
Carlos Gomez - CF Lucas Duda - 1B
Aramis Ramirez - 3B Chris Young - CF
Khris Davis - LF Andrew Brown - LF
Mark Reynolds - 1B Wilmer Flores - SS
Jean Segura - SS Anthony Recker - C
Kyle Lohse - RHP Jon Niese - LHP

That lineup.


This is pretty much the best possible lineup the Brewers can possibly put out right now. It's also the very first time the team is using this specific lineup with this specific batting order. The same eight hitters have been on the diamond together before, but never have they hit like this.

Weeks is in there against a lefty. He's been killing the ball recently, with a .375/.426/.571 line since the start of May. Ryan Braun is batting second. Jonathan Lucroy, Carlos Gomez, Aramis Ramirez and Khris Davis in the middle of the order! Jean Segura has barely hit at all this season, but whatever, he's hitting eight anyway.

There's really not much substance to this text here except: Oh man, I love this lineup. Of course, that likely means that they'll get shut out. Jon Niese has had an OK season, I guess. He only has a 2.86 ERA and 3.38 FIP over twelve starts.

Meanwhile, Kyle Lohse should be a man on a mission after posting perhaps the worst start of his Brewers career his last outing. He lasted five innings against the Pirates, allowing eight earned runs on nine hits and a walk. The good news is he pitched a three-hit complete game shutout the start before that. He should do that again.

Go Brewers