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Dumb things happened. Reds won 6-5

Sigh...YAHOO! Aw... That succinctly sums up this game.

Pictured here: Reds pitcher Homer Bailey watches as Sam LeCure gave up hit after hit to allow the Brewers to tie the game.
Pictured here: Reds pitcher Homer Bailey watches as Sam LeCure gave up hit after hit to allow the Brewers to tie the game.
Cameron Spencer

Winning Pitcher: Ramon Santiago

Losing Pitcher: Francisco Rodriguez

SV: Aroldis Chapman

HR: Khris Davis (11)


Win Expectancy Chart

Me for most of the game

Well, it was a strange start of the night for Matt Garza. He had two outs with a runner at first when he stepped off the mound. He caught the runner off the base and it should have been an easy pick off to end the inning. Instead he bounced the throw second base and the runner advanced all the way to third. Brandon Phillips drove him in with ease for the first run of the game giving the Reds an early 1-0 lead.

The Brewers had a chance in the first inning. Scooter Gennett led off with a single and then Ryan Braun was hit by a pitch. Jonathan Lucroy lined into an out and Gennett was caught off second and was thrown out. The inning ended a batter later.

Their next chance came in the fourth inning and this time they cashed in. Carlos Gomez drew a two-out walk. Aramis Ramirez stepped to the plate and drove a deep fly to left center field, scoring Gomez easily. Ramirez ended up a second. Khris Davis and Mark Reynolds both drew walks to load the bases for Irving Falu. I probably don't need to tell you how that ended. At least the Brewers tied the game 1 apiece.

The top of the fifth inning was a circus act. Irving Falu's second error of the game allowed Zack Cosart to reach base safely. Then Matt Garza fielded a bunt from Homer Bailey and expertly threw it into the freaking standings by a mile. Billy Hamilton flew out and then Ron Roenicke forced the infielders to play in and unsurprisingly a grounder that would have otherwise been an out found a hole and the Reds retook the lead. Joey Votto increased that lead to 3-1 with an RBI single. Phillips would put them up 4-1 on a sac fly. Carlos Gomez and Khris Davis misplayed a fly ball in left center. It was going to drop for a hit, but their mis-communication gave the Reds yet another run. The next batter popped up but the Reds still walked away with the 5-1 lead.

Garza made two throwing errors tonight that cost the Brewers, but he really didn't pitch that poorly. I know a lot of people are steaming about his season, but I don't think there's a lot pointing to him being bad. He's been insanely unlucky more than anything. He ended the night with 7 innings pitched, only 1 strikeout but only 1 walk. The Reds really didn't make a whole lot of good contact off him. Maybe two of the balls put into play were hit hard. Of the 5 runs only 1 was earned (though the two throwing errors probably should make it 3 earned runs but whatever).

What's this you see? A long wordy paragraph about the Brewers half of an inning? Good things might await you. Khris Davis led off the seventh inning the a bomb to right to bring the Brewers within 3 runs. Reynolds followed up with a cute little single. Falu flew out for the first out of the inning. Logan Schafer pinch hit for Garza and he drove Homer Bailey from the game with a base hit. Things were starting to look up. Sam LeCure game in and Scooter Gennett lined a base hit to right scoring Mark Reynolds and bringing the Brewers within 2 runs. With a scuffling Ryan Braun at the plate, Scooter Gennett attempted to and successfully stole second base eliminating the double play opportunity. Unfortunately Braun's issues continued and he struck out. Jonathan Lucroy hit a dribbler to third base. The throw came to first base but it was too late. Luc beat it out and the Brewers reduced the Reds lead to 1. Carlos Gomez went up to the plate planning to swing. His at lasted 3 pitches and he swung at each of them. He made contact with each of them. The first two went foul. Carlos then had a heated exchange with his bat. It did not look like a friendly conversation, but it seemed to work. The third one did not go foul and in fact tied the game! Ramirez would ground out to end the inning, TIE BALL GAME!

Now comes the sadness. Francisco Rodriguez gave up a base hit to Zack Cosart who was then bunted over to second base. Then Billy Hamilton of all people drove in the go ahead run. The Brewers caught him off base and got him in a rundown but because this game couldn't be normal, he was able to get back to second base safely. He didn't stay there long, easily stealing third base. Ultimately it wouldn't matter as another run would not score that inning.

However the 1 run that did score was enough. The Brewers were no match for Aroldis Chapman in the 9th and the Reds won 6-5. They're back at it tomorrow as Mat Latos makes his first start of the year. Yovani Gallardo will toe the rubber for the Brewers. Start time is 6:05 pm CT.