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Prognostikeggers 2014 - Week 12

Insert random riddles about the Brewers here.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the results from week 11:

Name Points
1 Kid19 5
2 airfigaro 4
3 aaronetc 3
4 ASO 3
5 tdgbp 3

(Click her to view results from week 11.)

* - Note on this weekend's sausage race results. I usually get those from the Bernie Brewer account, but none were posted this weekend. Without a posting of who won the race, I can't award points for these predictions. (Sorry GoldenFrank.)

Congrats to Kid19 for winning the week, who just edged out airfigaro for this week's win.

This week, before the predictions, I want to give a quick piece of advice on making your predictions. When making them, how you word the predictions counts, because that is how I will rate it. Let's take two similar predictions from Tuesday's game: "Estrada allows 0 HR" vs. "Mets hit 0 HR". Let's assume both ended up being correct. Here's how I would score them: 4 points for the first and 1 point for the second. There is one obvious difference between the two (first prediction only focuses on Estrada's innings, the other on all innings), but the other difference is the wording. In the first prediction, I would look up Estrada's game log to see how many games he hadn't allowed a home run in. Since the answer is 1 of 12 to that point, I award the prediction 4 points. Meanwhile, on the second prediction, I would look up the Mets game logs. They didn't hit a home run in 28 of 64 games entering that one, so it would only be worth 1 point.

That's just something to keep in mind as you make your predictions. Wording counts because it determines how I evaluate a correct prediction. With that, let move to week 12. A full week of games means a full seven predictions to make. Hopefully you can take advantage of that.

(Click here to view all predictions for week 12.)