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2014 MLB All Star Game: Jonathan Lucroy among National Leaguers with greatest increase in votes

The Brewers do not have anyone in line to start the All Star Game as of the latest vote update, but they do have a couple quick-risers who could jump to the top.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

MLB released their latest update on All Star game vote totals last night. Here is a look at who have been the quickest risers since their last update:


Player June 9 June 16 % Change
Yadier Molina 1,621,944 2,003,557 24%
Buster Posey 1,078,007 1,414,363 31%
Jonathan Lucroy 771,313 1,138,212 48%
Evan Gattis 565,620 774,409 37%
Devin Mesoraco 418,422 537,165 27%

First Base:

Player June 9 June 16 % Change
Paul Goldschmidt 784,026 1,291,052 65%
Adrian Gonzalez 888,906 1,049,222 18%
Freddie Freeman 710,778 920,361 29%
Justin Morneau 669,917 781,963 17%
Brandon Belt 593,693 775,334 31%

Second Base:

Player June 9 June 16 % Change
Chase Utley 1,342,480 1,678,843 25%
Neil Walker 614,273 997,347 62%
Dee Gordon 735,831 898,226 22%
Brandon Phillips 441,076 574,300 30%
Daniel Murphy 435,701 560,660 29%


Player June 9 June 16 % Change
Troy Tulowitzki 2,007,202 2,593,387 29%
Brandon Crawford 656,719 899,641 37%
Jean Segura 567,481 786,529 39%
Hanley Ramirez 540,513 667,162 23%
Andrelton Simmons 467,395 624,873 34%

Third Base:

Player June 9 June 16 % Change
David Wright 859,082 1,051,640 22%
Pablo Sandoval 714,548 973,221 36%
Nolan Arenado 766,364 895,905 17%
Aramis Ramirez 615,597 814,627 32%
Matt Carpenter N/A 692,745 N/A


Player June 9 June 16 % Change
Yasiel Puig 1,472,717 1,942,701 32%
Andrew McCutchen 1,190,516 1,727,534 45%
Giancarlo Stanton 1,259,047 1,659,430 32%
Carlos Gomez 1,192,174 1,628,401 37%
Ryan Braun 1,058,680 1,386,578 31%
Charlie Blackmon 1,129,313 1,352,564 20%
Angel Pagan 785,885 1,055,707 34%
Michael Morse 758,879 1,051,431 39%
Justin Upton 781,140 1,003,943 29%
Hunter Pence 687,403 936,528 36%

The good news for the Brewers is that catcher Jonathan Lucroy remains among the fastest risers in the league as far as vote totals go. Unfortunately. he's nowhere near where he needs to be to start the All Star Game as Cardinals' backstop Yadier Molina's overwhelming popularity still has him 900,000 votes ahead of Lucroy. Lucroy has been the best catcher in the NL this year and should be on the roster, but he'll likely need to rely on the player's vote and manager Mike Matheny for his roster spot.

More bad news for the Brewers: For the first time this year, the team does not have a player in line to start the game in an update. The first time MLB updated their totals, Ryan Braun was in the top three for outfielders. That would be enough for him to start for the National League. The second time around, it was Carlos Gomez in the top three of the outfield.

This time, both Gomez and Braun are outside looking in. Just barely, though, as they sit fourth and fifth, respectively. Andrew McCutchen made a big jump over the last two weeks to jump to second while Yasiel Puig and Giancarlo Stanton maintain strangleholds on their starting spots. With a strong push, however, both Gomez and Braun could start in the game. Either way, it seems there is a decent chance of both being reserves.

In addition to Braun, Gomez and Lucroy, Aramis Ramirez has an outside shot at a starting nod for a weak third base crop. He's currently fourth -- same as the last update -- but stands only a manageable 200,000 votes away from leader David Wright. Pablo Sandoval was the only third baseman in the top five to see his vote total rise quicker than Ramirez as he jumped up to second.

Jean Segura also remains in the top five for shortstops but, uh, he's not beating out Troy Tulowitzki anytime soon.