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Prognostikeggers 2014 - Week 13

There's no rain delays in this game.

Doug Pensinger

Going to be a quick update today. Here's last week's results, as well as the new form for week 13 (seven prediction). I'll put together a longer midseason review next week.

Rank BCB User Name Points
1 tdgbp 6
2 aaronetc 5
2 airfigaro 5
4 Duhawk Steve 3
4 Kid19 3
6 ASO 1

(Click here to view the results from last week.)

One quick note on last week. I noticed some predictions were vague and a little hard to judge. Specific details for your prediction are always appreciated, otherwise I go by what I think you meant. That could end up costing you points if you hit a prediction that was more specific.

(Click here to view all of this week's predictions.)