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The Tuesday Thinker: Early Picks for the Brewers

How many of the Brewers picks from the first three rounds of the last ten drafts can you name?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB First Year Player Draft is just two days away. As we head into it, it's time to test your memory on previous drafts. In the last ten years, the Brewers have made a total of 38 picks in the first three rounds of the MLB Draft. How many of those picks can you name in ten minutes?

If the quiz is not displaying correctly for you, click here to play the game on

Couple of notes for the quiz:

  • In the clue, you will see a number that reads like this: "2-92". How that should be read is "Round 2 - Overall Pick #92".
  • In addition to the 38 correct answers, there are 14 "bonus" answers that are close, but not quite there. These are players that were drafted in the fourth round the last ten years, or players drafted in the first four rounds of 2003.
  • As usual, look at the comments at your own risk, Spoilers may be down there.
  • Post your score in the comments. If you get all of the answers, post your time. There's no prize for the high score, so no reason to cheat.