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Poll: Should the Brewers sign Kendrys Morales?

Kendrys Morales is likely to sign sometime soon. Would you like it to be here?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I told you guys yesterday why I would sign Kendrys Morales. I'm interested to know what you guys would do. Here are some figures to help you make your decision.

Lyle Overbay DRS at 1B: 2010- 7; 2011- (-4 ); 2012- 1 ; 2013- 5 ; 2014- 1

Kendrys Morales DRS at 1B: 2010- 3; 2011- Did not play; 2012- (-1); 2013- (-2)

Lyle Overbay UZR: 2010- (-0.6); 2011- (-6.1); 2012- 0.8; 2013- 2.7; 2014- (-1.7)

Kendrys Morales: 2010- 4.0; 2011- N/A; 2012- 2.3; 2013- (-1.2)

Lyle Overbay wRC+: 2010- 105; 2011- 88; 2012- 92; 2013- 86; 2014- 86

Kendrys Morales: 2010- 128; 2012- 118; 2013- 116

Kendrys Morales' defensive numbers indicate a player who wasn't good and wasn't horrible at first base. They show a decline, but likely not towards becoming a liability at first base. At least it seems as though he'd be fine this year. Lyle Overbay shows a similar decline in defensive prowess so it seems unlikely that Morales would be so significantly worse. Furthermore, while Morales' offensive numbers seem to indicate a player in decline as well, they absolutely dwarf Lyle Overbay's numbers. I wouldn't want to sign Morales to a 3 year deal, but I feel pretty confident he only wants to sign for this year. Remember that Scott Boras prefers his clients to enter free agency. Without the stigma of the qualifying offer attached, in another poor free agent class, I think Boras and Morales will want to take their chances, especially if Morales shows he can play for an NL team.

Statistics courtesy of Fangraphs