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Brewers agree to terms with 2nd round pick Monte Harrison

Widely considered a tough sign, Monte Harrison actually becomes the first 2014 Brewers draftee to sign.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers went risky with the top of their draft this year. Not only did they take high risk/high reward type players with their first 3 picks, they also drafted three sport athlete Monte Harrison out of high school. Committed to Nebraska as a two way player (baseball and football) it was no sure thing that he would sign if drafted even higher than he went. I know I saw several people suggesting it was going to take close to $2.5 million to sign. Therefore, we should consider it a big win that the Brewers were able to secure him for merely $1.8 million.

The slot value for the Brewers second round pick was valued at $1,100,300 so they did go overslot. That's not as extreme as I had expected however. Their first rounder Kodi Medeiros is expected to sign for underslot so the Brewers should very easily be able to afford Jacob Gatewood at overslot too. This is great news for those of us concerned about such things.

Today is the final day of the draft which covers rounds 11-40. The Brewers have taken a handful of players that have good talent for the round but are considered hard, or in some more rare cases impossible, to sign. Should the Brewers save enough money on the college seniors they drafted in some of the rounds leading up through 10, that will help them in signing one or two of those kids.

Just a few late round names to be aware of:

Jordan Yamamoto

J.J. Schwarz

Patrick Weigel

Turner Larkins

One final observation: As I'm writing this the draft is not yet completed. I'm not sure if there is any interesting "hard to sign" talent left, but if there is the Brewers might try to go for them knowing they should have money to play with. Harrison's signing is an interesting development.