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The Sunday Sporcle: Brewers Draft Picks by Career WAR

Can you name the top players drafted by the Brewers by career WAR?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

(Updated on Monday morning, reason with spoilers in comments below.)

Over the last few days, forty new players were drafted by the Brewers organization. Some will never make it out of the minors, while some will work their way up and make it to the major league team.  It's possible that a few of them could become all-star players and maybe even more.

In the franchise history of the Brewers, they have drafted thirty-five players that have recorded a career WAR of at least 15. How many of those players can you name in eight minutes?

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Couple of notes for the quiz:

  • All WAR totals are as of June 7, 2014 and are from Baseball-Reference.
  • Position listed is the primary position for that player, though he may have played other positions.
  • Team listed is the team that player played the most games for in his career.
  • There are also 10 "bonus" answers of Brewers players who recorded a career WAR of at least 10, but less than 15.
  • As usual, look at the comments at your own risk, Spoilers may be down there.
  • Post your score in the comments. If you get all of the answers, post your time. There's no prize for the high score, so no reason to cheat.