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Brewers 2014 Draft: Signing Tracker *Updated 6/21 Rds 1-10 complete

The Brewers have signed their four top draft choices already. Here is a complete list of who has signed & who still needs to be signed among the team's draft class.

Rich Schultz

Here is the complete Brewers' MLB draft class, along with whether they have signed with the team, whether they have decided not to sign with the team, and (when available) how much each player has signed for or other notes of some import.

Players drafted in the 2014 draft have a deadline of July 18 to sign.

Player Position School Round Overall Pick Signed? Notes
Kodi Medeiros LHP Waiakea HS (HI) 1 12 Yes $2.5 million
Jacob Gatewood SS Clovis HS (CA) CB A 41 Yes $1.83 million
Monte Harrison OF Lee's Summit West HS 2 50 Yes $1.8 million
Cy Sneed RHP Dallas Baptist University 3 85 Yes $400,000
Troy Stokes CF Calvert Hall College HS 4 116 Yes $400,000
Dustin DeMuth 3B Indiana University 5 146 Yes $50,000
David Burkhalter RHP Ruston HS 6 176 Yes $200,000
Mitch Meyer RF Kansas State University 7 206 Yes $10,000
J.B. Kole RHP Villanova 8 236 Yes $159,100
Greg McCall C University of Texas-Arlington 9 266 Yes $10,000
Javi Salas RHP University of Miami 10 296 Yes $15,000
Brandon Woodruff RHP Mississippi State 11 326 Yes Tweet from Woodruff
Jordan Yamamoto RHP Saint Louis HS (HI) 12 356 Yes $330,000
Kaleb Earls RHP Limestone College 13 386 Yes Another Tweet
Jonathan Oquendo SS Maria Teresa Pineiro HS (PR) 14 416 Yes
Caleb Smith RHP Rice 15 446 Yes
Benjamin Onyshko LHP Vaxhall HS (AB) 16 476
J.J. Schwarz C Palm Beach Gardens HS (FL) 17 506
Will NOT sign
Luke Curtis RHP Pittsburgh 18 536 Yes
Zach Hirsch LHP Nebraska 19 566 Yes
Tate Blackman SS Lake Brantley HS (FL) 20 596
Will NOT sign
Donnie Hissa RHP Notre Dame 21 626 Yes From WI, Brewers are his favorite team
Patrick Weigel RHP Oxnard College 22 656
Kolton Mahoney RHP Brigham Young 23 686 Will play in Cape Cod League, has not decided on signing
Bubba Blau RHP Dixie State 24 716 Yes
C.D. Pelham LHP Spartanburg Methodist College 25 746
May be unlikely
Cre Finfrock RHP Martin County HS (FL) 26 776 Will NOT sign
Matt Martin C Wake Forest 27 806 Yes
Turner Larkins RHP James Martin Senior HS (TX) 28 836 Will NOT sign -- turned down $1 million to go to college
Aaron Garza RHP Houston 29 866
Taylor Stark RHP Delta State 30 896 Yes
Brock Hudgens RHP UNC-Charlotte 31 926 Yes Another Tweet
Eric White RHP Parkers Chapel HS (AR) 32 956 Royals discussed him in the 19th round and even discussed a potential contract with him. Will (has?) pitch(ed) for the Brewers soon/recently, and his performance will decide how much money they offer him.
Chad Reeves LHP Louisiana State - Eunice 33 986 Yes
Carlos Leal RHP Delta State 34 1016 Yes
David Carver LHP Lamar University 35 1046 Yes
Hunter Tackett CF Anderson County HS (TN) 36 1076
Eric Ramirez 1B Rio Mesa HS (CA) 37 1106
Carl Chester CF Lake Brantley HS (FL) 38 1136
John Gavin LHP St. Francis HS (CA) 39 1166 Will NOT sign -- Brewers knew he was highly unlikely when they drafted him
Taylor Lane SS The Pendleton School (FL) 40 1196 Will NOT sign (tweet 1tweet 2tweet 3)