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Jean Segura placed on bereavement leave

The Brewers shortstop lost his young son recently and is flying home to the Dominican Republic.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After last night's game against the Cardinals, Ron Roenicke informed reporters that one of the players was dealing with a death in the family. Today, we found out that Jean Segura has lost his nine-month-old son.

Segura has been placed on the bereavement list and Elian Herrera has been called up to take his roster spot. That's the baseball part of this. It's also the non-important part. Jean Segura is going through what is surely the toughest time in his life right now. It will be a long plane ride from Milwaukee to the Dominican Republic and the coming days are sure to be longer still.

Roenicke says that the team will give Segura as much time as he needs before he eventually returns. That may be a while. Death is, of course, a part of life and though I have thankfully never experienced anything like what Segura is going through, I imagine it's a special kind of hell he is going through right now.

Nothing but good thoughts towards Segura and his family now. Prayers, if that's your thing. Well-wishes. Thankfully he has a tight-knit Brewers family to support him, but for now I hope he spends plenty of time with his family and doesn't give a single thought to baseball for a while.