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Jeff Bianchi to disabled list with elbow strain

This will open up a roster spot for Jean Segura to rejoin the club.

Mike Zarrilli

It looks like Elian Herrera will stick around for the foreseeable future after all. While it had previously been assumed Herrera would be sent down to make way for the returning Jean Segura, it turns out a roster spot will instead be opened up by placing Jeff Bianchi on the disabled list.

Bianchi is reportedly suffering from an elbow strain. Segura, meanwhile, is apparently expected to be activated for tomorrow's game.

JP pointed out that Segura has technically only missed two games and is required to miss three as a requirement of being placed on the bereavement list. However, the Brewers official Twitter account (linked above) includes the line "SS Jean Segura tentatively scheduled to return tomorrow." My guess is there's some sort of exception being made due to the All Star break, or there's some sort of random either/or situation between games/days missed. Or the tweet was too ambiguous and Segura will actually be activated Saturday. We'll find out for sure tomorrow when the Brewers take on the Nationals, I guess.

Meanwhile, Bianchi out means Herrera is the primary backup at shortstop. Mark Reynolds would likely take over at third base if needed with Lyle Overbay at first. Logan Schafer remains the top option on the bench to fill in for an outfielder as needed. The other two spots on the bench are taken by the non-starting second baseman on any given day and Martin Maldonado.

Bianchi has been dealing with a sore elbow for a few days now. With Segura out, however, there hadn't really been any viable replacements for him on the roster. Bianchi last played on July 12.