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Prognostikeggers 2014 - Week 16

Don't try to find a way around the rules. The commissioner will catch you.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the results from week 15:

Rank BCB User Name Points
1 tdgbp 10
2 aaronetc 4
3 Kid19 3
4 airfigaro 1

(Click here to view the full results from week 15.)

While tdgbp may have run away with it this week, if's going to be harder to do that from now on, as we introduce a new way to score points.

As I mentioned last week, I'm adding a new prediction to the game. It's the score prediction. This is separate from the game prediction and the weekly predictions you get for that. For the score prediction, you get one per game. Just predict the score, that's all you have to do. You get 1 point for each half of a score you get right, and an additional point for getting both halves.

As a reminder, here are the rules for Prognostikeggers:

- All registered users of Brew Crew Ball are eligible to play.

- Predictions for a game must be made by the first pitch time of the game. Once a game has started, no more predictions are allowed for that game.

- You can make as many game predictions as you want, but predictions will only be counted until you hit your weekly maximum number of predictions (equal to the number of games that week). In the event extra predictions are made, only the first predictions made will be counted.

- Each correct game prediction will earn between 0 and 5 points. Points will be assigned based mainly on rarity but also a little on creativity. I will be the sole judge on prediction points.

- For score predictions, you may only make one per game. These predictions are separate from the game predictions and do not count against your weekly total. You will get 1 point for each half of the score you get correct, as well as an additional point if you correct predict the score for each team in a game.

- Points will be tracked from week to week, though I won't keep cumulative points this year between the weeks. (This may change later on.)

- There are no prizes for this other than bragging rights.

Got all of that? Once you do, take a look at the forms below to submit your picks. Remember, extended week means you get 10 game predictions this week. Will anyone be crazy enough to try to make 10 in one game? We'll have to see.

(Note: There are two separate forms below, one for game predictions and one for score predictions.)

(Click here to view score predictions from week 16.)

(Click here to view game predictions from week 16.)