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The MLB draft lottery takes place on Wednesday

The Brewers have received picks in each of the last 2 draft lotteries. On Wednesday they're hoping to make it three years in a row.

Rich Schultz

On Wednesday MLB will be holding the draft lottery. This will be the third year for the event. If you are unfamiliar, read this. Basically, the 10 teams with the lowest revenue and the 10 lowest market size are eligible for this draft. If a team is selected they are granted an additional draft selection in the 2015 amateur draft. There are two sections of the draft lottery. Six teams are picked for Round A and six are picked for Round B. Round A draft picks come right before round 2. Round B draft picks come right before round 3.

The importance of these picks cannot be understated. The draft pick itself carries obvious value but the dollar value associated with the pick is important too. Adding cap space can help teams spread the money around allowing them to sign a player in a high round that dropped due to signability concerns or to sign several such players in later rounds (similar to how the Brewers were able to sign all three of Kodi Medieros, Jacob Gatewood, and Monte Harrison this year).

The picks may also be traded and are the only such picks with this ability. Somewhat strangely the picks are only allowed to be traded in-season. I don't really get that part, but whatever. The non-waiver trade deadline is approaching and having a lottery pick to trade could be meaningful. Personally, I think it's more likely the Brewers hold onto theirs if they get one. That's what they've done the previous 2 years.

In 2013 the Brewers had a pick in the Competitive B Round. They used it to select Tucker Neuhaus. In 2014 the Brewers were more fortunate. They were awarded the last pick in the Competitive A round. With it, they selected Monte Harrison. So as you can see, these picks really are valuable.

The draft lottery takes place around 1 pm CT on Wednesday. Once we know if the Brewers got a pick we'll put something up. Keep your fingers crossed.