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MLB Draft Lottery Results: Big Win for the Brewers

The Brewers scored big time in this year's draft lottery.

Rich Schultz

Well folks, I had hoped to come here to tell you that the Brewers got the first pick in the first round of the competitive draft lottery. Unfortunately I can't do that. But I can tell you they got the 4th pick in the first round! This is excellent news as this is the highest such pick they've received in the competitive draft lottery to date.

In 2013 the Brewers got the fourth pick in the B round of the competitive draft lottery. That pick was the 72nd overall pickin that year's draft. With it, the Brewers selected Tucker Neuhaus. In 2014 the Brewers were awarded the 6th and last pick int he A round. It ended up as the 41st overall pick. With it the Brewers selected Jacob Gatewood.

The final draft order won't be decided until sometime next year. With qualifying offers to departing free agents and the subsequent compensation attached to those that turn down the offer, the draft order may not be finalized until after next season begins as it was this year. The Brewers pick could come as early as 35 (the Astros get an additional first round pick after being unable to sign their first round pick this year so the first round is currently 31 deep).

This additional pick is important for several reason. First and most obvious is that the Brewers get another high draft pick. The second reason this extra pick is important is the slot value associated with the pick. The Brewers draft pool will be increased and that can help them sign draftees in other rounds. The 35th pick in the 2014 draft was worth $1,614,500. That's a huge deal. The fourth pick in the Comp A round was worth $1,495,400. The Brewers pick at the end of the Comp A round this year was worth $1,384,900. So wherever the pick ends up overall, it's going to be a big deal.

The final reason the draft pick is important is that it can be traded. A strange caveat is that these picks can only be traded in-season. I assume it's because the rules weren't convoluted enough. The Brewers haven't traded either of the previous two competitive balance picks they were awarded so it seems unlikely they would with this one. They're in a different position this year though. They're in the heat of playoff push this year. That's not something that happens often. Their farm system has talent but it isn't terribly deep. After teams have seen the kind of talent available in the Comp A round it's possible they'll start to value these picks more than they have in the past. This draft pick could be the extra piece the Brewers need to acquire a high leverage reliever or a first base man.

Whatever the Brewers decide to do, this pick is a great benefit. I'm sure they're turning cartwheels and so should you. Personally I'm hoping the Brewers hold onto the pick. They're on pace to finish in the top 10 this year which means they'll pick in the 20-30 range. There's plenty of talent still available there, but it would be cool if they could get two picks with-in 5 or so spots of each other. What do you guys think?